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Spice Shop
Indian Cuisine

The Spice Shop Indian cuisine has a long history it opened in 2002 in Tianmu, Taipei serving traditional Indian food, exquisite mastery of spice and flavour the restaurant continues to remain true to its roots with the constant push of innovation and creating new recipe, which is presented in an exceptional menu that marries contemporary and heritage to experience the most unforgettable gastronomical journey of North Indian cuisine.

Chef Daniel Hsiung and Head Chef Heera Singh have developed a stunning new menu that combines The Spice Shop signatures with new dishes to the guests to experience the region’s legendary and unrivaled hospitality, offered generously to every visitor, and borne out of a love of bringing people together to enjoy time-honored traditions of refined diversion.

印度料理, Indian Restaurant
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Tikka Cigar Roll

Roasted chicken tikka fold in a tin spring roll sheet and deep fried 


Crab Cake
Crab cake temper it with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger & green chilli


Chicken Tandoori
Chicken leg marinated in yogurt and ground spices cooked in a tandoor oven


Mulāyama Veal Chaap
Veal rib chop marinated with nut, yogurt and cardamon


Butter Chicken
Grilled chicken tikka, simmered in buttery smooth

tomato gravy and dried fenugreek


Mughlai Saffron Chicken
Chicken thigh cooked with nut, cream in mild spices flavour with saffron


Dum ki nalli
Slow cooked lamb shank curry


Subji Jalfrezi
Assorted vegetables tempered with cumin and spices


Saag Bhaji Tarka
Freshly greens chopped tempered with butter

Spice Milk

Opening Hour

Mon-Fri: Am:11.30 - 2.00  
          Pm: 5.30 - 9.30
Sat-Sun: Am: 11.30 - 3.00  
            Pm: 5.30 -10.00 

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